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Looking for Australia's best psychics, mediums, healers and wellbeing practitioners? Then look no further, as we have you covered! An Alternative Voice recommends...

Maureen Barrass - I have had over 30 years experience as a Medium and Counselor. I read the Tarot Cards using the “Astrological Wheel of Life” Spread. This delves into the various areas of a client’s life and gives guidance on matters such as Career, Relationships, Money, Potential, Home, Children, Spiritual Path and Karma. I am also a Trained Spiritual & Clinical Hypnotherapist and hold a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and a certificate in Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques in Past Life Regression Therapy. I also offer the Virtual Gastric Band Program using Hypnotherapy a non-invasive way to lose weight permanently.

Lesley Williams - as a Medium, Metaphysics and Spirituality have been an interest to me for some years and I continue to connect with the abundance of my inner wisdom and knowledge that life provides. I have been a practicing Massage Therapist for 23 years. Within my healing practice I incorporate different modalities such as Polarity Therapy, Tuina, Nutrition, Bach Remedies, Crystals and Aromatherapy. I am also a Reconnection Therapist and have studied with Dr Eric Pearl. As an Intuitive Healer I am passionate about health and the care of the physical and emotional bodies. As a creative person I enjoy helping others to connect with their own abilities. I also teach Mandala and Crystal Workshops.

Dyoligy  - is a place you can come in no matter what your desire or reason may be. We have an eclectic, new age feel about us.  Our door, ears and minds are always open when it comes to Dyoligy.  Our kettle is always on the boil and many friendships have been formed within our walls.  Take a step into a more relaxed way of shopping, with a tranquil atmosphere and heady scents, your mind will feel pampered.

Red Horse - this amazingly gifted man is a speaker, an educator, a story teller, a singer, a flutist and a dancer. Wherever and whenever he performs, he mesmerises his audience. His performances throughout Australia have received rave reviews from every age group. His wife Natalia is the creator and producer of all the intricate hand beading, feather and leather work which makes up Red Horse’s stunning traditional regalia. Together they teach sustainability in schools and inspire our youth to live in harmony via the Native American culture and also educate adults through their very popular and inimitable, full day Native American interactive experiences that are held in Melbourne.

Blue Angel Publishing - started as a specialist bookstore and art gallery in 1997 and in 2001 evolved into a publishing company. The first Blue Angel Publishing publication was Toni Carmine Salerno's Universal Love Oracle. We are now a small boutique and independent publishing house with a strong network of distribution outlets around the globe and many of our publications are now published in various languages, including Japanese, German, French, Dutch, Spanish and Czech.

Max Coppa  - Australia's most recognised and trusted expert in palmistry, numerology and dream interpretation. With over 35 years experience in the industry, Max offers a range of workshops and unique personal readings. With a strong intuitive flair and a practical and inspiring approach, Max seeks the deeper meaning behind every message to help you confront and resolve issues, and learn to reach your fullest potential.

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